• The sizes of Log cabins and Wendy houses are not fixed, we custom build any size and type as per your specifications.
  • The pricing on small Wendy house/Cabins is based on standing on bricks and it excludes stilted base/poles for base.
  • The standard side height of small cabins/ wendys is 1,8 metre up to 2,4 metres
  • Roofs are corrugated iron sheets standard 0,3mm but we do have as well 0.4mm and 0,5mm as well
  • Stilted base/Stilts are standard 300mm of the ground

Nutec / Log Home Cottages and Granny Flats

Log cabin / Home cost R3500 per square metre
Nutec Cabins cost R5500 per Square metre
Including, ceiling and drywalling Gypsum
Corrugated / IBR roofing 0.4mm
Stilted base 300mm off the ground
Insulated roof and walls
Aluminum windows
Internal doors: hollow masonite
Electrical wiring Plugs and Lights (connected inside only)
Plumbing Shower, toilet, basin, and kitchen zinc with taps (connected inside only)
Excluding in price internal color painting, kitchen cupboards, bedroom wall units
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